Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Two Related Questions About Bikinis for Christian Women Who Wear Bikinis

First the questions:

1. Why do you feel comfortable wearing a bikini to the pool or beach when you would feel uncomfortable wearing only a bra and panties in public?

2. Why is is appropriate for you to wear a bikini to the pool or beach when it would not be appropriate to wear only a bra and panties in public?

I've made my position on bikinis clear here, so I won't revisit that now. My purpose in asking these two related questions is to (I hope) receive a coherent, reasoned response. I've never heard one before, but I hope to in the comments.

A few things about the questions:

First, I'd like to receive answers from Christian women who wear bikinis. If you are not a woman, not a Christian, and/or do not wear bikinis, then please do not comment. I'll give the rest of you an opportunity to answer next week.

Second, when I use the term "bikini," I'm referring to a two piece swimsuit that shows as much skin as a bra and panties. For clarification, I'm not referring to two piece suits that cover more skin such as tankinis.

Third, the issue I'm addressing is one of modesty, not location. In other words, I'm not asking why you would wear a bikini to the pool but not to work or church. Keep that in mind as you respond. Thanks.

Fourth, I won't chastise you for your response even if I disagree with you. I'll probably ask you a question, but I'll be charitable.

I have no idea who reads this blog. Therefore, I don't know if any Christian women who wear bikinis read it. Because of that, I may not receive many responses at all. In light of that, if you are a reader of this blog (and you are if you've gotten this far) and you know Christian women who wear bikinis, please ask them to respond. I'd really like to know the reasoning behind it.

As I said, I'll revisit these same questions next week to give all of you (who are not Christian women who wear bikinis) a chance to comment.


Jeremy Myers said...

Great question. I have actually always wondered this also, thought I don't actually care if women wear bikinis or not.

I spoke with my wife about this. She wears a bikini.

She said, "Why do men not wear boxer shorts or tighty whiteys to the pool or the beach?"

She has a point. There is a psychological difference between underwear and a swimming suit. The swimming suits men do wear don't cover anything more than the underwear we use, but we don't wear underwear to the pool.

As for myself, I believe that if we men struggle with lust, a one-piece suit isn't going to curb our sinful inclinations.

It is not loving or kind for men who struggle with lust to blame women for that lust.

Eric said...


You broke the rules. You aren't a Christian woman who wears a bikini.

Despite that, thanks for responding. You are the only one so far.

I agree that there is a psychological difference between underwear and bikinis, but the math is still the same. Bikinis show over 90% of the body to the world. I don't understand why a Christian woman would want to do this.

As for the male lust issue, that is a real problem. It is related to this issue, but I don't want to stray off target. That may be for another post.

What I'm seeking is a reasoned, and I hope biblically defended, argument from a Christian woman for why bikinis are acceptable. I hope to hear one.

Alice C. said...

I'm a Christian woman, but don't wear a bikini, so I guess I'm breaking the rules, too. But I really want to respond to something Jeremy wrote:

The swimming suits men do wear don't cover anything more than the underwear we use, but we don't wear underwear to the pool.

You really don't wear anything more than what briefs or boxers cover? Most of the guys where we live wear swimming trunks that cover from their waist almost down to their knees. I would say they cover WAY more than underwear, thank God, and are not tight and revealing, again thank God.

Sorry, Eric, for straying off topic.

Eric said...


You did break the rules, but I'm going with the flow.

Aussie John said...


Google Budgie Smugglers. A large percentage of Australian men wear them. Many are the size of the bottom part of a woman's bikini.

I still reckon a woman in a full piece costume looks more attractive.

Eric said...


Yes indeed.

Joel Zehring said...

I'm interested to see where this conversation goes, but in the meantime, this is definitely one of your funniest posts.

Actually, early surveys show that Christian-women-who-wear-bikinis demographic will play a key role in this year's presidential election. :-)

Eric said...


I'm a little disappointed so far. No Christian women who wear bikinis have bothered to comment. I really want to hear their motivation and reasoning. So far, no good.

I really did not intend this post to be funny. Why did it come across that way?

Aussie John said...


Your reply to Joel regarding no comments from Christian women who wear bikinis is why I posted a comment,"Don't hold your breath". It didn't get through the system for some reason.

Eric said...


Thanks for clarifying. You are right.

I find it fascinating that Christian women who are willing to wear bikinis do not seem to want to give an answer for why they wear bikinis.