Sunday, August 12, 2012

Believe Eric

If you look closely on the bus in the above photo, you'll see that it says, "Romney Believe Eric." That sounds like a good idea to me.

I rarely venture into politics on this blog, but since Romney's bus has invited me, I'm going to give the Republican candidate some things to believe. If he'll do these things (if by some chance he gets elected) our country will be better off.

Ten things Romney should do:

10. Adhere to the motto that "Small Government is Better Government."

9. Embrace peace and reject militarism.

8. Get our military out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

7. Engage in sensible dialogue with Middle Eastern Nations.

6. End the Fed.

5. Lower taxes across the board.

4. Slash, slash, slash federal spending.

3. Balance the budget and pay down the federal debt.

2. Recognize that states have rights.

1. Govern according to the Constitution.


co_heir said...

It would be nice if he would do that, but I would be shocked to see it happen. I don't put faith in any of the current politicians to govern in a way that is best for the country. That would take too much character because it would be political suicide in today's environment.

Eric said...


Wishful thinking is all it is on my part. Oh well. Thanks be to God that our hope is in Him, not man.

Aussie John said...


Brother! You've got a sharp eye there!

Eric said...


Actually it was my daughter Caroline who spotted it. It's those young eyes.

Arthur Sido said...

You forgot an 11th thing Romney should do: repent and believe in Jesus Christ

Eric said...


I wonder if Ryan has done that.

kierkegaard71 said...

You sound like the kind of person who would be a Ron Paul supporter!

Eric said...


Yes, but Ron Paul (regrettably) has no chance of getting elected.