Sunday, July 15, 2012

Proof That God Exists

There are three primary reasons that we know God exists. First, the Holy Spirit tells us. Second, the bible tells us. Third, creation tells us.

Additionally, albeit less important than the above three reasons, it can be logically reasoned that God exists. Take a look at this site to see.


Yantalo PERU said...

Your statements have no logic. Accepting stories via word of mouth makes no sense. I do respect all systems of believe... but that is as far as I can go...

Eric said...


You've made quite a charge, but you haven't provided any evidence to support your claim. Care to elaborate?

Norm M. said...

Eric’s statements are true, but Yantalo is correct when he says that accepting a story at face value with no evidence is not logical.

Here’s how I look at the question “Is there a God, and if so, who is He?”

1. Just because an individual believes something strongly does not make it true. You should not believe in God just because I really, really think that He exists. In other words, the strength of my faith is not necessarily a logical reason for you to believe.

2. If God exists, (unless He chose to hide his existence from his creation) then logic should lead to the conclusion that God does, in fact, exist. There would be no disconnect between faith and logic. Belief in God would be logical.

3. Seeing a beautiful, intricate, rational design in the natural world logically leads one to conclude that there is a designer. However, the evidence that He exists is not enough to reveal who He is.

4. If God exists, and if He is powerful enough to create the world, then He is certainly powerful enough to communicate with His creation.

5. If God desires a relationship with mankind, then presumably, He has communicated with us.

When I talk to people that have doubts about the existence of God but are open to the idea that He exists, I recommend that they ask God to reveal Himself to them. If God wants us to know Him, then He will reveal Himself. If He doesn’t exist, then we’re no worse off for having asked the question.

Eric said...


I agree completely that we should not believe something because of how strong someone else believes it. That would lead to all sorts of nonsense. When we lived in India, we met Hindus who believed and did all kinds of things with great vigor. I reject all those practices.

I suppose a good way to look at this is that logical reasoning supports what God has primarily revealed by the Holy Spirit through scripture. In other words, our primary authority is the bible. This is the case because has chosen it to be this way. The Holy Spirit speaks to our hearts through the truths of scripture.

What we see in nature corresponds to the truth that God exists. Logical reasoning does the same.

Therefore, both logic and nature are supplements to our belief in Jesus as Lord as opposed to the primary reasons for it.