Saturday, July 14, 2012

Paganism Alert

For paganism, click here.

This by no means suggests that all Catholics are pagans. Far from it. However, practices such as this are nothing more than paganism revisited.


Marshall said...

there is much paganism woven with both Catholic and Protestant practice & faith.

Aussie John said...


Brings tears to my eyes to see people so deceived.

Eric said...


While I agree, I also believe there are many more blatantly pagan practices associated with Roman Catholicism.

Eric said...


It is certainly heartbreaking.

Richard Swartz said...

A basic sign of deception is when anything other than Jesus becomes the esteem of creation. Jesus is the Father's delight and joy. The Father wants the same love He has for the Son to be in us! (Gospel of John)

See Acts chapter 8 for clear example of true and false ministry. True ministry preaches Jesus, false ministry (Simon) preaches anything else.

Eric said...


Anything that takes our eyes off Christ is a huge problem. We see this emphasized repeatedly in scripture. Paul's letter to the Colossians makes this abundantly clear, among others.

I suppose this story is a good reminder to all of us to be on guard.

Sarah said...

Hello! I just wanted to comment to emphasize that this is an example of what Catholics call "private revelation". "Public revelation" is what was handed down from the Apostles; it was completed when the last Apostle died. Any sort of later vision or "message from God" or anything like that is considered "private revelation". Only public revelation is binding on everyone; private revelation is not. For example, if someone sees a vision that he thinks is from God, the Catholic Church will investigate and weigh in on it. If the vision doesn't contradict the known Truth about God, the Church will likely declare it "worthy of belief". In that case, individuals may believe it or not as they see fit. But no Catholic is required to believe it; it's still just private revelation. Only public revelation is binding on everyone.
So while there may be a lot of Catholics being spiritually moved by this, the Catholic Church will never declare it binding on everyone, and many (or most) Catholics wouldn't consider it genuine.
I appreciate the genuine sincerity I've seen here. I'm a convert to Catholicism, so I'm personally aware of how confusing its beliefs and practices can be. If anyone has questions about Catholic belief and practice, I would be happy to (attempt to) answer them, and I promise to be good-natured and non-trollish about it. God be with us all.

Eric said...


Thank you very much for your comment. I especially appreciate the term, "non-trollish." I'll have to borrow it from time to time.

I suppose every Christian tradition has its positives and negatives. All have aspects that are right in line with God's truth, but other things that are far from it.

My biggest struggle with this video is that it shows people who are transfixed on a statue. Their gaze is not upon Jesus Christ. Anything that takes away from our focus on Christ is, almost by definition, pagan.

Regardless of Christian denomination, my hope is that we can be united in the person of Jesus Christ as his one church. We must speak the truth, but do so in love.

Thanks again.