Monday, July 30, 2012

My New Ride

Most of you know that I was a traditional church pastor but resigned in September 2010 because I couldn't find any scriptural support for the position.

In March of last year I was hired by JCB here in Savannah. Since that time I've worked first in the assembly section of the plant, and later in the Quality Department. All the while the work has focused on skid-steer loaders.

My job has recently changed somewhat. Although I'm still working in Quality, my focus is no longer exclusively skid-steers. I've moved up in the world, at least as far as size is concerned. My new primary inspection target is the HMEE (High Mobility Engineer Excavator). A good way to think of the HMEE is a backhoe on steroids (see above photo). It's an armored backhoe that JCB sells to various militaries around the globe.

The HMEE is one cool vehicle. I like to consider it my new ride. Part of the inspection is driving the vehicle. The best part of my job is driving the HMEE around on a back road behind the JCB plant. I happily take it out for a ten mile excursion. While I speed the HMEE up to close to 55 mph, I also blast the kicking air conditioning. Sweet.

Life can certainly seem strange at times. Four years ago I was just starting out as a traditional pastor. Three years ago I was experiencing the ups and downs of the professional pastorate. Two years ago I was absolutely miserable as a pastor. One year ago I was toiling on an assembly line. Today I'm driving an armored backhoe.

I'm glad that our gracious and merciful God is in charge of all this.


Marshall said...

looks like fun, and possibly easier on the back. Thanks be to God our Father, to provide needful things.

Eric said...


Thank you. It is a bit easier on the back, except when I have to get down on my back to roll around under the machine. Still, in the end it is an improvement.

Aussie John said...


So good to see God at work in the life of His people.

I'll never forget the first JCB that I saw, in a magazine published in England. I was always a machinery buff (still am), but that machine was amazing.

Eric said...


Thanks. JCB does make some good products. Most are constructed in the UK, but some are made in India and (obviously) the USA.

Caterpillar is the big brand here, but I'm told the JCB is huge in Europe. Regardless, I'm glad for my new position.

Brian said...

I dig it!!!

Eric said...


Good pun. It is a fun ride.