Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Ten Favorite Blogs 2.0 (5 and 6)

We continue today with:

6. Jon's Journey

Jon dares to ask questions that you aren't supposed to ask. That's the primary reason why his blog comes in so high on this list. He doesn't just challenge silly aspects of the institution, but also inquires about issues that many of us think are settled. This frequently makes me more than a little uncomfortable, but it also makes his blog worthwhile.

Jon has been writing a series recently on baptism. As usual, he asks good questions.

He even dares to call into question the penal nature of Christ's atonement. On this particular issue, I disagree strongly with Jon's conclusions. However, I admire his willingness to ask the question.

If I thought Jon was simply asking questions for the sake of asking questions, I would not bother reading. If I thought he was some sort of heretic, I wouldn't spend the time on his blog. However, his questions seem genuine and come from one who loves Christ.

If you like a good conversation and being made a little uneasy, take a look.

5. Between Two Worlds

Justin Taylor's blog keeps me up to date on all significant happenings within the evangelical institution. The author posts several times per day, often linking to interesting stories and happenings. I view his blog as a sort of news feed on the broader American church.

Taylor writes from a Reformed perspective; therefore, his links often focus on that segment of the church. I somewhat sympathize with this (I'm Reformed in soteriology but not ecclesiology).

Although I often disagree with his conclusions about church issues, the information he presents is helpful. In particular, I like to know about new books being published by various writers; since Taylor works at Crossway, he frequently blogs about this.

A word of caution: Taylor's blog is part of the Gospel Coalition blogs. These bloggers for the most part are staunch defenders of the core aspects of the institution. Most of their blog commenters are the same. Therefore, if you leave a comment on Taylor's blog, or one of the others, that challenges the institution, be prepared to be quickly criticized.

Think of this blog as an evangelical/primarily Reformed news site.


Jonathan said...

Awe thanks Eric. The fact that I notice this post is proof that your blog is one of my favorite blogs to read as well. And I've added a couple of your other favorites to my rss reader. Thanks.

And I'm totally cool with you not agreeing with me on everything. I'd be surprised if anyone did. If I was able to convince a group of people to agree with me on everything, I'd probably go start my own church (or cult). This way I have to settle on being part of Christ's church, and practice bearing with one another and submitting to one another. :)

Thanks Brother!

Eric said...


You're welcome. Keep asking those questions.