Friday, June 1, 2012


Just out of curiosity I went to Google images and looked up the word "church." The first 63 (!) images that came up were photos of either the inside or outside (mostly outside) of buildings. Sigh.

It was not until the 64th image that any people appeared. I'm not sure how Google selects which images to show, but regardless this is some sort of statement about how our culture both views and defines the church.


Arthur Sido said...

I am surprised that people appeared at 64, I would have assumed they would have been way down the list.

Drewe said...

For so long, the term 'church' has meant the institution - because it was defined that way, and in many ways still is. Essentially, we need a new word!

Eric said...


I was hoping for better. Oh well. And the 64th was some type of high church mass-like thing.

Eric said...


Thanks for the comment. I'm inclined to agree with you. "Church" has almost become meaningless anymore. What do you think is a better option? I like "community," but there are other good choices as well.