Friday, January 13, 2012

Communion and Fellowship

I find it terribly ironic that most churches do not celebrate Communion in their Fellowship Halls. Instead, the sanctuary/worship center is the place.

The irony is that the words "communion" and "fellowship" are nearly synonymous. Additionally, most times in life a supper is held in a room for eating. In light of this, a room designed from free-flowing fellowship and robust eating seems like a perfect spot for Communion.


Arthur Sido said...

Wait a second. You think we should have fellowship as the church in the fellowship hall? That is just crazy talk!

Aussie John said...


Surely you are not suggesting that we break with tradition?

Don't you know we must have a sacred place to have communion.

Fellowship? Nothing special about that! We can have that anywhere!

Eric said...


I know I'm talking crazy. I can't help it.