Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Love Watching Greatness

I think I could watch Secretariat run all day long. This video shows his victories in the three 1973 Triple Crown races. It seems as if God decided to create nearly the perfect race horse in Secretariat. His victory in the Belmont, the third race, is the most stunning and dominating performance I've ever seen in any sport. He is simply a joy to watch.


Anonymous said...

Eric, If you ever get some time off, you really should come back up to Louisville and let me take you over to Churchill Downs. There are races almost daily during race season.

Eric said...


I would love that. It's the getting off work part that is difficult. God bless you as you begin Greek. I really liked it and I think you will too.

Scott said...

I've been living 15 minutes from Churchill Downs now for 10 years and have not yet been to a single race. I want to go... I just hate the idea of all the gambling associated with it. Now they are pushing hard for "expanded gambling" at the track. Which basically turns it into a casino. Unfortunately soon all this state is going to be famous for is Bourbon and horse track betting. Kristin got to watch it from the best seat in the house and actually stood in the winners circle, and help present the national 911 flag, with the Air National Guard this past year. I think I might go to the derby next year just to say I've been. But I have been saying that every year for ten years. Funny how I toured downtown Savannah for the first time two weeks ago on vacation and never did for the 15 years we live there.

Blessings, Brother Scott ><>

Eric said...


The betting is problematic. Just leave it to mankind to mess up something so beautiful as watching a horse race.