Friday, July 22, 2011

A Bit of a Blogging Break

I'm stepping away from blogging for a couple of weeks. Although I enjoy the process, it occasionally begins to feel a little like work. When that happens, it's time for a break.

My family and I are going on vacation for the first time in a long time. Whilst away, I won't have significant internet access. Also, I really want to spend much time with my wife and kids. It's amazing how much time even one blog post requires; for me it's usually far longer than it seems.

That said, blogging is rewarding. I've learned a lot through it and gained new friends because of it. In a few weeks I'll fire it back up again.

I leave you with a reminder that we should never take ourselves or our blogging too seriously:


roovis said...

Have fun, get recharged. Look forward to your return brother! :)

Eric said...


Thanks! I'm certainly looking forward to the rest. God bless.

Aussie John said...


May God bless you and yours during this break.

Eric said...

Thanks John! We're having a great time so far.

Tim A said...

I have really appreciated your writing and response. The care you give to respond to each writer is supernatural. The gentleness of your writing is exemplary something I need to learn from. Are you this way with your wife and family or just on the blog. ">

Eric said...


Thank you for the nice words. I'd like to think that I'm this way with my family, but I know that in reality I'm as sinful as anyone else. I've learned a lot through the years from my good friend Alan Knox. He truly is a meek man in the biblical sense. As for this blog, I very much enjoy the conversations. I've learned a lot and hope others have as well. Thanks for the comments!


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