Monday, July 11, 2011

A Few Fellowship Photos

Yesterday we had the privilege of hosting fellowship. I managed to snap a few quick photos of the get-together. As always, the most important aspect of the gathering is God's people. As the first picture shows, there is always a lot of talking going on.

And sharing the Lord's Supper together.

More eating together.

A sign of many friends in the house.

What the street looks like...a small parking lot.

We thank God primarily for his gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. Secondarily, we thank him for our brothers and sisters in Christ. What great gifts!


Jeffrey said...

Thanks for getting my good side.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing

Aussie John said...


Brings back great memories!

Eric said...


We had a great time. It was a bit crowded (about 30 people), but the fellowship was sweet. I thank the Lord for this experience.

Eric said...


I'm always looking out for you buddy.

KeeperatHome said...

I don't think I signed a release to have my likeness used...LOL!

In Christ, Talya

Eric said...


Oh no! Copyright infringement.