Thursday, March 3, 2011

Now On Twitter

Unlike my friend Alan Knox, I tend to avoid new technology until I can resist it no longer. This has been my pattern with e-mail, blogging, Facebook, and now Twitter.

A few days ago I read a good post by Frank Viola entitled Twitter vs. Facebook: Reflections, Comparisons, and Ministry Perspective. He does a nice job of showing the significant differences between the two. In part because of his article, I finally gave in and signed up for a Twitter account.

While I'm not as popular as Charlie Sheen, Tim Tebow, or John Piper, I'm happy to say that I now have a whopping 11 followers. Look out world! In case you are wondering, my username is ericcarpenter70. Despite my technology failings, I even managed to link from my Twitter to both my Facebook and blog.

I have no doubt that in a few years some new form of social media will sweep the globe. I'll resist for about three years and then cave to the pressure.  At least I'm consistent.


Joel Zehring said...

Great news, but no link to your account. What's your handle? I'm @joelz on Twitter.

Eric said...


I'm new to this, but I think you can find me at ericcarpenter70.

Aussie John said...


I'm consistent too. Blogging is sufficient for me :)

Alan Knox said...

I don't use Twitter much. My blog posts are tweeted automatically, but that's about it.


Eric said...


The good thing for me is that I can now post from phone to Twitter and then automatically to Facebook. Because we have Cricket phones, I couldn't do that with just Facebook.

Jessica said...

hey congrats on the twitter account and Alice told me who one of your followers is and I am UBER impressed!!!!! That makes me want to actually do something with mine but I like facebook better oh well.

Eric said...


I think Frank started following me because I linked to him the other day from my blog. Maybe if you link to his blog he will start following you, too.

Jessica said...

that would be cool if I liked twitter :) maybe I'll write a cool status about him on FB and he'll friend request me ;)

Jeremy Myers said...

I just followed you on Twitter. But I'm with you. I just joined Twitter about six weeks ago.

I used my first ATM about a year ago. Can you believe that?

I still don't own a cell phone. How long can I hold off?

Eric said...


There does seem to be a pull toward more and more technology. I'm not sure why. I am impressed that you've held out so long against cell phones.