Thursday, November 17, 2016

Informal Gatherings Are Such a Relief

Did you grow up getting dressed up for church in your Sunday best?

I did.

I also did most of the other stuff that goes along with institutional Christianity. The normal Sunday included getting dressed up in uncomfortable clothes, attending a Sunday School class, attending a worship service (ceremony), going home for a few hours to hurry up and relax, then returning to the church building to do much of the same all over again.

I do not fault my parents in this; it's just the tradition that had been handed down to them. Even after I became an adult I kept doing this same stuff for many years. I even went to seminary, and then became an institutional church pastor for a few years. I was at the core of institutional church activities.

What a relief simple gatherings are! Sundays are now something I genuinely look forward to. On most Sundays we get together informally with some friends. Sometimes it's at our house, sometimes not. I can wear shorts and a T-shirt if I want to. We almost always study the bible and pray. We also do a lot of hanging out and eating. Sometimes we even watch some football. It is so relaxing. What a relief from institutional trappings!

When you meet with other believers, is it a relief? Is it a Christ-centered get together? Are you relaxed? Do you look forward to it? I hope so.


Peter Horvatin said...


Isn't it great to know that the people you are meeting with have the same heart and mind. That they have recognized the false nature of the institutional church. Just to be together and share the truth's of the word and united in faith in Jesus as Savior. Hope you have a blessed rest of the week.


Eric said...

Thanks Peter! What are your body meetings like?

Peter Horvatin said...

I wish that I could say that I am involved with a group of believers that meet in the home, but as of this time, it continues to be a lonely road.

Eric said...

I'm sorry to hear that Peter. I hope for better for you in the future.