Monday, November 7, 2016

If You Knew Nothing of Christianity, But Then Found a Bible and Read It, What Would You Expect Church Gatherings to Be Like?

In this particular post I'm simply asking a question of you. Please put your answers in the comments section. Maybe we can begin an interesting and edifying discussion. My purpose in this is not to discuss what's wrong with the institutional church, but rather to focus on what can be right when we follow the Biblical pattern for meeting.

QUESTION: As much as you can, pretend that you know absolutely nothing of Christianity. You find a Bible and begin to read it. Based on what you see instructed to us and modeled for us in scripture, what would you expect church gatherings to be like?


Aussie John said...


I would expect it to be brethren, informally, meeting in two's, five's, a dozen,(you get the idea) on an almost daily basis, but when ever possible rather than at prescribed times.

Format: Acts 2:42

Eric said...


Agreed. Small groups gethering frequently and informally seems to be a theme in the N.T. Additionally, "brethren" indicates a spiritual family. It's a family get-together!