Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Too Good to Not Share

The Christian satire site The Babylon Bee has posted numerous funny articles over the past several months. One reason many of the pieces are excellent is that they come so close to reality. One of the best I've seen so far appeared a couple of days ago. It's entitled Local Progressive Church Hosts Informative Q and Q Session. Enjoy!

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Paul G said...

Hi Eric, I have checked out the link to the Babylonian Bee, interesting, I like churches who answer questions, and especially if they give me good answers.

I also would have a question for them, a question which I ask every institutional church, and so far no one is able to give me a satisfactory answer.

When the pastors or the elders are talking about believing in God etc. I always look in their eyes and ask them the same old question, "In which God do you believe, and what is his name" ?
Every time without fail, they look to the floor and say, well, there is only one God and he has many names etc.
I ask again, "If there is only one God, then it would be easy for you to tell me which one God, and who that God is" ?
But then they change the story and say that God is actually three persons in one God etc. :-)

I think that the institutional churches are spiritually dead because they don't know which God the ought to worship, and the Lord Jesus Christ has departed from them without them knowing.

And no wonder why I don't fit into those institutional churches.