Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ten Bad Reasons for Returning to the Institution

"Return to the church institution? That sounds horrible!"

It may indeed sound horrible to you, but it is a reality that many believers face. Some folks who have departed for simple church life have also made the difficult decision to go back to Rome. Although it makes them feel sick to their stomachs, they return nonetheless. I suppose some valid reasons may exist for going back (I can't think of any right now), but many bad reasons are also in play. In fact, I'd say that the vast majority of the motivations for why Christians return to the worship service/salaried pastor/expensive building thing are poor.

Tomorrow I'll be starting a brief blog series entitled Ten Bad Reasons for Returning to the Institution. My purpose is twofold. First, I want to point out lame reasoning. Second, I hope to encourage followers of Christ to stick it out on the outside. It is not an easy path. It's simpler to just go back to institutionalization. Let's not give in to that pull. Rather, let's stick to the course of trying to be the church God wants us to be.

In tomorrow's post I'll tackle a big motivator to go back: personal guilt.

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Peter Horvatin said...

Hi Eric,

I know that for many the easy road is so very tempting. However, I know for myself, how could I go back now that I know what I know after years of research, reading, reflection and seeing the truth for myself. Stay strong Eric and stay the course.