Saturday, May 7, 2016

"Women’s Sanitary Bins and Bathroom Theology"

Peter Jones has penned an excellent piece that is well worth your time. In Women’s Sanitary Bins and Bathroom Theology he tackles head on the insanity that is the current gender-identity mess in this country. Jones discusses the links between world religions, truth, and feelings. I appreciate that he calls a proverbial spade a spade. We are, quite frankly, at a point of madness in this culture. I highly encourage you to read it.

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Paul G said...

Hi Eric.
I have read Peter Jones article, and it is phenomenal that the American people don't know any more which toilet to use.
But I think that surely Mr. Donald Trump will tell them which toilet they ought to use. :-)
Australia is not far behind America, we have the same pressure to accept LGBT debate and our politicians are useless and want to walk on both sides of the road.
Perhaps that is what we deserve, ungodly leaders for an ungodly nation.