Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Church Budget Can and Should Be This Simple

I'm not generally a fan of church budgets. They are frequently complicated and self-serving. Too often they show what the church has become: a business.

Churches need better budgets. Well, I have a suggestion. Below is a simple and appropriate budget that I believe all churches should use:

40% to needy people outside the church
40% to needy people inside the church
20% to international missionaries

There it is. Simple and appropriate.

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Tim A said...

My recommendation is 80% sending the gosepel and serving the poor outside the US. These are the greatest needs of the gospel and the deepest poverty needs among the non-lazy poor.

There are hundreds of thousands of believers who can bring the gospel to Americans around them for free in simple face to face connection. Most of the poor in the US are lazy poor or perverted poor who squander what is given. If they are not willing to work they should not eat. The governement distributes billions already to the lazy poor. 20% is a healthy amount for local ministries. The NT gives many situations where Jesus helped the deserving poor. There is no situation I am aware of where the needy around Jesus were anything like the homeless we see around us today who are extended versions of irresponsiblity with no solution in sight or any real need that can be met, only temporarily met.

I don't see a large need for distributing money to believers in the church.

I reocmmend teaching believers to give directly to the ministries and missions. Collecting money into one pot is a lot of needless work for someone or several. It is benefitial for believers to know exactly where their giving is going.