Friday, March 20, 2015

Reason #25 - Professional Pastors Force Jesus Christ Into the Background

Of all twenty-five reasons in this series, this one is the most problematic. While the bible shows us that Jesus Christ is the one and only head of his church, professional pastors push him into the background.

Of course, they don't truly force Jesus into the background because nothing in the universe could do that to our sovereign Lord. However, the very existence of professional pastors forces Jesus out of the way in the eyes of the people in the pews. Many Christians look to pastors for leadership more than they look to Christ.

This problem is closely related to professional pastors taking Jesus' spot as senior pastor and professional pastors being placed on a pedestal by the people.

As Christians, our entire belief system is wrapped up in one person: Jesus Christ. He is everything. I'm not denigrating the Trinity in any way in saying this. Our God is the three-in-one who is difficult to comprehend with our finite minds. While God is all, Jesus Christ is all as well. Christ is the head and we are the body. We are all equally needed parts, while he is the supreme leader. He points the way, and we all follow. He lovingly and sacrificially gave himself for us at Calvary so we would live for him.

Professional pastors cloud this beautiful picture by coming in between the people and their Lord. The pastor tells the people what to think, what to do, and how to act. The folks dutifully believe because he is the expert from the outside. Quite frankly, professional pastors are little different from Roman Catholic priests.

As the body of Christ, we need a clear, unobstructed view of Jesus. Anything that gets in our way must be done away with. The professional pastorate is a good place to start.

(This post is the final installment in 25 Reasons Professional Pastors Should Resign.)


Tom Lutke said...

This has been a helpful series. Along with this last reason is that I think professional pastors quench the holy spirit by giving the impression that they are the ones that hear from god and then they relay the message to the sheep.
The sheep are never taught that they have direct access to the father.

Neil Braithwaite said...

“I'm not denigrating the Trinity in any way in saying this. Our God is the three-in-one who is difficult to comprehend with our finite minds.”

Eric, you spend 25 well thought out and scripturally sound posts defending your belief that vocational pastors are not biblical, and in fact, do much harm to the Ekklesia and gospel of Christ. And then you state that you believe in a doctrine of man that was foisted on the Ekklesia almost three hundred years after God raised Jesus from the grave.

The trinity is the biggest lie Satan ever put into the hearts of man.

I would love for you to take the next 25 posts and give a defense of the “difficult to comprehend with our finite minds” trinity doctrine that you espouse as truth.

And if you are confident the trinity is true, then you wouldn’t mind allowing me to post a rebuttal after each of the 25 posts so everyone can make up their minds regarding the truth.

Are you up for the challenge?

BTW: Did you ever think there is a good reason the trinity is "difficult to comprehend with our finite minds," and why almost every pastor gives that same explanation? The reason is; all the confusion surrounding the trinity doctrine is a "red flag" from the Holy Spirit that something is not right.

I believed the trinity doctrine for over 40 years before I decided to question its confusing precepts. Upon finding the truth, scriptures are no longer as confusing as they were in my former trinitarian mindset. Now they are very easy to understand through the simplicity and clarity of the truth.

Aussie John said...


I've waited until you finished the series to comment.

Very thoughtful, and helpful, as Tom said, but no one will be convinced by your words, especially those who are bound by their own, or traditional agendas.

I know from experience that the third person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit, is the only power by which those who are embedded in any system of thought will be not only convinced, but convicted of any truths you have expounded.

There are very human reasons why some cannot change, even if they are convicted of the need. One chap I know personally has found his wife stands firmly opposed to any change to the traditions she grew up with.

Frank said...

Thanks for airing this massively important issue with such amazing boldness and clarity.

Part of the problem is the people themselves, Christians are basically lazy.
An incredible parallel to the whole issue can be found in 1Sam8v5.

5.............. Now appoint a king for us to judge us like all the nations." 6But the thing was displeasing in the sight of Samuel when they said, "Give us a king to judge us." And Samuel prayed to the LORD
7The LORD said to Samuel, "Listen to the voice of the people in regard to all that they say to you, for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me from being king over them.…

In this time period there was no king in Israel because the Law demanded everyone take personal responsibility towards God family by family, tribe by tribe. If a leader was needed, God raised up a judges for a period.
Unfortunately the Israelites continuously strayed into idolatry followed by defeat before their enemies. Instead of repentance and return to God, they decided that this could be resolved by demanding a king so they could be just like the nations around them.
In doing so, as v7 tells us they rejected God "from being king over them"

When christians clamour for strong leadership, they are doing exactly what the Israelites did in demanding a king, pastor, vicar, minister, bishop, pope, to reign over them. In doing so, they are rejecting God from being king over them.

Eric said...


Thanks for the kind words!

Eric said...


I really don't want to go down the path of discussing the doctrine of the Trinity right now. But thanks for commenting.

Eric said...


I agree that only the Holy Spirit can change a person's heart. I wrote this series mainly to encourage those who are thinking along these same lines. The church can be so much more than it is currently. I'd love to see that happen!

Eric said...


That is a very accurate parallel you mention in I Sam. 8. I agree that many Christians want someone to spoon feed them. We must encourage them to be more active and take more responsibility.