Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Reason #16 - Professional Pastors Keep the People in "Feed Me" Mode

Pastors generally preach with good intent. It is the outcome that is the problem.

Week after week, pastors speak to a silent audience for 20-45 minutes. The pastor speaks while the people sit. He makes sounds while they keep quiet. He tells them what to think and they believe it. He does the studying and they do the ingesting. He dutifully preaches his heart out and they dutifully listen as long as they can.

This is strictly one-way communication.

The problem is that this puts people in "feed me" mode and keeps them there.

While people may enjoy listening to weekly sermons, they have learned to rely on the pastor for their theological knowledge. This in turn keeps them childlike in their ability to study scripture. Many, many American Christians have an elementary knowledge and understanding of the bible. This is a sad state indeed and is one of the primary reasons why the church in the USA has so little impact upon society.

"Feed me" mode is corrupting and must stop. The immediate resignation of all professional pastors would go a long way toward causing this to happen.

Let's hope it does.

(This post is part sixteen of my series 25 Reasons Professional Pastors Should Resign.)


Unknown said...

Of all the reasons cited thus far, and I concur with all of them, this one is the one that should motivate them most
to resign.It amazes me why our Father in His sovereignty allows this to go on. If someone can shed light on this last statement, kindly post it.

Tim A said...

"Feed my sheep..." has been forced into a mold of "lecture my sheep every week till they die". I have a Farside comic where one sheep stands up on his hind legs and puts is two front legs up in the air and shouts to the other sheep around him, "Wait! Wait! Listen to me... we don't have to be just sheep!!" It's a prophetic message for the household of faith.

Aussie John said...


One of Satan's cleverest trick, causing dependency in others. Simply another form of idolatry!