Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summary: Why Sermons Won't Go Away

The Sunday sermon is a fixture in the life of the church. This is the case almost everywhere around the globe. No matter where you look you see someone standing on an elevated platform giving a lecture to a passive church body. While the details differ, the general pattern is the same. This despite the fact that scripture provides no evidence for this practice in the life of the early church. We dissenters must continue to hope and pray that God brings about a change to something far better.

Read this series by clicking on the links below. The final post is the most important:

Why Sermons Won't Go Away
1. Sermons Are Thought to be "Biblical"
2. Sermons Are Fun to Prepare
3. Sermons Are Fun to Preach
4. Sermons Earn the Pastor's Paycheck
5. Sermons Allow the People to Sit
A Much Better Alternative to Sermonizing


Aussie John said...


When sermonizing goes away we might lose religion and find realistic Christian living.

Eric said...


Let's hope it happens soon!