Monday, July 7, 2014

3. Sermons Are Fun to Preach

Although the idea of preaching sermons may be intimidating to many people, the reality is that it's a lot of fun. Because of this, sermons aren't going away any time soon.

I've heard over and over that preaching sermons is incredibly difficult work. I can tell you from my experience that this is hogwash. Although preaching can be tiring, it is not all that difficult. Frankly, it's mostly just plain enjoyable. After having studied for hours during the week, the pastor gets to talk to a silent, captive audience about all that he has studied. The people sit and listen (to some extent). The whole process is gratifying to the pastor and his ego.

This may sound harsh on my part. However, it is also reality. The pastor is the center of attention for as long as the sermon lasts (probably anywhere from 25-45 minutes). No one gets to ask any difficult questions. Rather, it is simply the pastor getting to say what he wants about what he wants. It's great fun.

After the sermon is over the pastor gets told repeatedly what a great job he just did. This further strokes the ego. It also encourages the pastor to preach more, and more, and more.

Please let me be clear on one related point: I believe the vast majority of pastors preach with good intentions. They are doing what they think they should. They believe that what they are doing has a sound biblical basis (it doesn't). They want the folks in the pews to benefit by growing spiritually. They even think they are working hard and sacrificing for the kingdom.

Despite these good intentions, the pastors are wrong. I'm saddened to even write this. However, I must write the truth. The preaching of sermons by the clergy to the laity does more harm than good by stifling the saints and elevating the pastor(s). It's not sacrifice on the pastor's part; rather, it is an easy paycheck.

As a bonus for pastors, preaching sermons is downright fun. In light of this, most pastors are thrilled to continue doing it week after week after week, etc.

Preaching is far too much fun for pastors to stop or even think of doing so. Because of this, sermons aren't going away.


Aussie John said...


As much as I loved studying and sharing the Scriptures, I cannot say that it was fun to preach. Awareness of my own fallibility and ability to be astray in teaching the truth was always there, so much so I was usually exhausted after preaching.

Tim A said...

So you think they do it with the best of intentions? They read the same Bible you do. They know the same texts you know about "one another" participation specifically instructed and all the other concepts that are nullified completely by lecturing the Bible with zero mutuality, or zero "proclaiming" participation by the gathered "royal priests". I think there might actually be a flesh constructed or God driven blindness where He "turns them over to" their own way, or both, because they have rejected His clear revelation. I'm not positive on this but when I speak to preachers either face to face or on their blog there is usually a brazen defensiveness or complete refusal to interact on the Word. To me this shows intentional disrespect for relationship and truth that rebukes and corrects.