Monday, March 3, 2014

Putting the Guns Away

The past few years have been quite a journey for me when it comes to church life. I've been all over the place, from a traditional church pastor to a house church advocate. During that time, I've written some fairly harsh things on this blog. Much of it has been aimed at institutional Christianity. While some of the things needed to be said, the tone I used was often not what it should have been. Well, no more.

I'm metaphorically putting the guns away as it pertains to church stuff. I no longer have any desire to fight against all the problems in the church. I'd rather focus on what we, as the body of Christ, can accomplish together. Unity in Christ is going to be one of my main themes going forward.

This does not mean that I'm sacrificing doctrine or somehow "caving in." Rather, it simply points to a shift in focus. There will certainly be times when I will write posts with negative themes (when this occurs I hope I can manage a charitable spirit). For the most part, however, I intend to look at what the church is and can be. Much can be accomplished by uniting with other believers for both edification and missions.

The older I get the more I desire to live a life of non-resistance. This applies to my blog as well. This doesn't mean that I'll accept just anything as valid in church life. What it does mean is that I'm putting the guns away. No more fighting the church wars for me (or, at least not very often).


Jeffrey said...

Good for you. It has been my experience that when a guy comes out of a church system that he's known and trusted, he spends a year so two, ready to fight. I like to all this the "one trick pony" phase. It's probably necessary for most, but great when it ends. Some of my favorite chrisians to hang out are....gasp.....Catholics. Not just any Catholics, just two particular ones who will freely admit that their system is jacked-up, but they love the particular people with whom they fellowship.


Eric said...


Yep. There is just too much good going on and too many opportunities to almost always focus on the negative. This is not some sort of pie-in-the-sky thinking on my part. Problems still exist. I just don't want to focus on that so much. I'd rather help build up what is good.

Tim A said...

I don't remember any guns coming out. I have read a lot of truth that is sharp and cutting to the heart, but I think that is what it is inspired to do. Two of the four purposes of God's Word are "rebuke and correct". Before you can "run the race marked out for you" you have to "throw off the sin and the things that so easily entangle". If that is considered negative it's also good. The church is the only trick and pony God has given us to ride. I'm good with a one truck pony. Mix up more doctrine and instruction in righteousness is good too. No need to deprecate or shun the other half of God's desires.

Eric said...


Thank you for commenting. I agree with you that scripture must sometimes be used for rebuking and correcting. I still plan to do that as I see need. However, I want the general emphasis of this blog to be a positive one. We'll see if I achieve that goal.