Saturday, March 1, 2014

Do We Listen Directly to Jesus?

Keith Giles asks an important question in a recent post entitled simply Jesus First. The question focuses on whether or not we listen directly to the words of Christ. More specifically, Keith asks why we Western Christians tend to listen more to Paul than to Jesus. We sort of let Paul be a filter for the words of Christ, using Paul's writings to interpret what Jesus has said. Dare we say that Paul has almost become a go-between for us?

Keith is by no means diminishing Paul's epistles. However, Keith does challenge us to take a hard look directly at Jesus' teachings. Our Lord indeed said some extremely radical and challenging things.  I encourage you to read the post.


Aussie John said...


I agree with what Keith says. Actually blogged about it a long while back.

Eric said...


This is something I have wondered about before. I think we shy away from some of Jesus' sayings because they are simply too challenging for us. Does he really mean that?