Monday, January 13, 2014


Based on the above report, it looks like even atheists desire gathering, fellowship, and community. It makes sense. People generally enjoy each other's company. This ought to inform the way we think about gatherings. People want to be together, talk, encourage, and eat (not necessarily in that order). If atheists (defined by what they don't believe) have a reason to gather, how much more do we? We are defined quite specifically by what we do believe. Even more, by who we believe in and follow. Interestingly, atheists see no reason to gather for worship, but they still want to gather. I suppose I have that in common with them; I don't want to get together for worship either. Just give me some fellow believers, the Holy Spirit, some food, and a bible and I'll be all set.

We Jesus-followers have a real reason to get together.

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