Friday, December 6, 2013

The Kingdom is Not About Guns, Republicans, and Limited Government

I cannot adequately express how tired I am of Christians fighting the culture wars. It is exhausting to hear about Christians wrapping the cross in the flag, rallying for the Republican Party, and demanding their "rights." By listening to some, you'd think that that the right to bear arms is a gospel issue. You'd also think that the Democratic Party is the spawn of Satan himself. I'm disgusted by the amount of energy and emotion so many believers spend on these sorts of issues.

The Kingdom of God is not about secular politics. It is not concerned with conservatism, limited government, military engagement, taxes, etc. Rather, the Kingdom of God is concerned with us glorifying God through living as his children. God desires changed lives not through governmental influence but through the power of the gospel. Real change for the better in society does not come through decision making in Washington, but rather through the Holy Spirit changing hearts.

When we let the scriptures, and not politics, inform the way we live, we see something far different from the American dream. We see the people of God as people who give up their rights. We see people who expect persecution. We see people who understand that they are resident aliens who temporarily live in a strange land. We see people who understand that their citizenship is in heaven. We see people who never feel too comfortable in this society because its values are so different from that of the Kingdom.

Let's spend our time and energy where it really matters: on Kingdom priority issues. What are those issues? I'm talking about caring for the poor, sick, and needy. I referring to building up our brothers and sisters in Christ (and being built up by them). I'm talking about boldly and lovingly proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. I'm pointing to living holy lives in the midst of a wicked world.

God's Kingdom is not of this world. We must remember God's priorities and live according to them.


Anonymous said...

You are right that the kingdom of God is very different (and separate) from the kingdoms of earth. Yet Jesus' kingdom of disciples does also confront the kingdoms of earth: it reveals their sins (as you do in this post) and calls them to repent (turn to the true king); and it shows love (as you said), caring for the poor and needy.

Tim A said...

God himself is involved in politics. Should not we also in very strategic ways? I think it may be a false dichotomy to separate politics from faith and God's kingdom.

Is there any truthfulness or value for human life left in the democrat party? Maybe I'm missing it. It seems like every agenda item they have going is a scam claiming one altruistic idea that is really a cover for deceit.

Eric said...


I'm suggesting that politics is not a primary means of activity and change within the kingdom. Some good probably comes from Christians in gov't, but it is not the main way God acts. Too many Christians are far too wrapped up in conservative politics, and confuse the culture wars with living the lives Christ wants us to lead.