Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Five More Great Things About Running

On Saturday I ran in the Savannah River Bridge Run. This race acted as motivation to help me get back in some semblance of shape. Although I felt awful at the very end of the race, the experience as a whole was very positive. I blogged about it in my previous post Running, Beer, and Fellowship.

Running is a great way to exercise. Racing is a blast and motivates. I highly encourage any and all of you to take up running if you are physically able to do so. Here's a short list of five great things about running:

1) Almost anyone can run.

The vast majority of us know how to run. As long as we don't have some sort of significant physical problem, we can get our legs and lungs going. It's not complicated.

2) You can run almost anywhere.

I walk out my front door and I'm immediately able to run. I don't have to travel to a gym, pool, or track somewhere. This saves on time, effort, and expense.

3) Running doesn't require specific skills.

Almost all children learn how to run at a very young age. We know how to do it for the rest of our lives. Running doesn't require lots of practice on specific skills such as dribbling a basketball, putting a golf ball, or balancing on skis.

4) You feel great after you run.

Sometimes I feel bad when I run. However, a few minutes after I finish I feel great. It has something to do with endorphins racing around inside the body. This feeling lasts for several hours. It's sort of like a natural drug with no negative effects.

5) When you race you get to compete against everyone else.

One reason racing is fun is because everyone does it together. This past Saturday I raced against men, women, and kids. Runners ranged from beginners to experts. In how many other sports do you get to compete against truly elite athletes? In running you do (although you probably only briefly see them at the start and then at the awards ceremony). It is a hoot to run alongside everybody.

Running is terrific. If I haven't convinced you, then ask my good friends and fellow bloggers Alan Knox and Bobby Auner. They'll tell you the same thing.


Ur Man CD said...

Hold on a minute. You drink coffee and now you're suggesting everyone can run as well??? What is going on on this blog?!!

Whatever happened to walking?

Seriously, though, congratulations on completing the run.

Eric said...


Thanks. My habits have not all gone healthy. I'll still drink coffee a few times a day. Too good to pass up.

Greg Hetrick said...

Coffee is in the Word. Hebrews...He-brews. Lol..

Try using the french press for a great cup of coffee. It's the next best thing to a pour over!!