Friday, September 13, 2013

Why Don't Atheists Debate Muslims?

I hear about debates between Christians and Muslims occurring quite frequently. I hear the same about Christians and atheists. You can find these, for example, on almost any relatively large college campus.

Why, then, do I never hear about atheists debating Muslims? These two groups certainly have very significant differences in belief and practice. Why don't they debate often?

Two factors are involved. The first is that Christianity is still the dominant religion in the USA. Therefore, other groups want to debate Christians.

However, another even more significant factor exists as to why atheists and Muslims almost never debate one another. The reason is that while Christianity comes from God, neither atheism nor Islam does. The source of the Christian belief system is, to borrow a phrase from Francis Schaeffer, the God who is there. God is not the source of either Islam or atheism (Satan is). The Devil cannot create, but he is good at distortion. Both Islam and atheism hold specific beliefs about God. Both are terribly skewed.

Since we desire to reach both Muslims and atheists with the gospel, we don't often discuss the source of their beliefs. However, the truth must be told. Both are Satanic in nature. In fact, any beliefs that wage war on gospel truth are from the Devil.

My wish, and I hope yours as well, is that all Muslims and atheists will come to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. They, by definition, do not currently know the one true God. This is because their beliefs stem from the wrong source. In the end, this is why we see so few (if any) debates between atheists and Muslims. Why, after all, would Satan debate against himself?