Sunday, September 15, 2013

What I'm For

It is easy to write a blog that simply rails against what is wrong in the world. It's more challenging, and beneficial, to hope for positives and offer solutions. Related to the specifically to the church, the same applies. It's not difficult to point to the problems in the church. What's helpful is to point to a better way for the body of Christ.

Stemming from a previous blog post of mine, below is a list of what I'm for when it comes to the church. The list, in no particular order, is positive in nature. It is what I hope the church can be.  I’m for:

1. A Church that honors the Triune God in all aspects of life

2. A Church that cherishes Jesus Christ above all things

3. A Church of equal laity with Christ as the one and only Head

4. A Church that follows the lead of the Holy Spirit in all things

5. A Church that is most notable for its love

6. A Church that is united in Christ

7. A Church that knows that it is saved through the gospel of grace alone through faith alone

8. A Church that easily forgives when wronged

9. A Church that sacrificially takes care of the needy and suffering both inside and outside the church

10. A Church that unashamedly proclaims the truth of the gospel in an understandable way

11. A Church that sees each Christian as a brother or sister and each non-Christian as a potential brother or sister

12. A Church that lets nothing hinder the taking of the gospel to the ends of the earth and works with all Christians everywhere to make this happen

13. A Church that accepts suffering as a part of the Christian life

14. A Church that gives liberally and generously but not out of compulsion

15. A Church that spends the vast majority of its giving on others

16. A Church that clings to scriptural truth in all aspects of life

17. A Church that views itself as a people as opposed to an institution

18. A Church that stuns broader society by its good works

19. A Church that dies for others

20. A Church that seeks justice for the wrongly treated in this world

21. A Church that is composed of peacemakers

22. A Church that exhibits personal holiness and self-control

23. A Church that gathers simply, striving to follow the biblical model

24. A Church that assembles for the purpose of mutual edification

25. A Church that embraces each member as a key component of the body

This list is important enough to me that I've added an almost identical page to this blog with this topic.


Aussie John said...


That's the Church, the Family of God, the Body of Christ, the betrothed of Jesus, which He founded,and of which you are speaking!

It has never been less than those things you have enumerated!

Sinful, self-centered humans, many calling themselves Christian,have developed their own ideas of a corrupted version,an organization they call "church".

Until we step aside and cease setting up a "church" acceptable to our tastes and desires,the "church" that we are part of will remain a corrupt organization.

Eric said...


The amazing thing about my list is that it really isn't that amazing. It's simply what we see in scripture. It's what the church should be.

As you've pointed out, man's desires have corrupted much of the church as we know it. We must keep praying for a Spirit-led reformation within the church as a whole.

Jeremy Myers said...


I LOVE this. I am often so critical, I constantly need reminders to be positive and uplifting, and focus on the things we have in common with others, and what brings us together and unites us.

This looks so much more like Jesus.

I wonder... how would you like to work with me on pulling together contributors for a book on this list?

Eric said...


I'd love to be a part of something like that! Send me an email sometime about it. My address is

Jeremy Myers said...

An email was just sent!