Sunday, May 19, 2013

Unity and Missions: United in One Practice

Despite all our differences, the church can find great unity in taking the gospel to the lost. Jesus Christ has united us in one mission, with one gospel, and as one people for one people. Additionally, our Lord has brought us together in one practice. That practice is gospel proclamation.

We tend to make things too difficult by over analyzing them. I'm guilty of this all the time. In thinking about missions, some of us dwell on the details of it (and argue over these details) so much that we end up paralyzing ourselves. We think about the "how to" so much that we fail to do it.

Let's just be proclaimers as the Spirit leads. There is no reason to divide over this issue as long as it is the biblical gospel that is being sounded forth. We may emphasize things somewhat differently than other Christians do, but this is no reason for division.

We've got plenty of people to reach with the good news. Let's come together around our goal of all people hearing.


Tim A said...

"That practice is gospel proclamation."

Most folks would say we are doing that. Isn't what you mean that is distinct from the past is:
The practice is every member gospel proclamation in full relational dialogue.

As soon as you accept hired expert gospel lecturing, you have saints separating off into brand names and many other traditions of men.

Eric said...


I'm referring to gospel proclamation to the lost. Every believer has this responsibility (no professionals needed).