Sunday, May 5, 2013

Church Unity and World Missions

Christ's church is fractured over many issues. Quite a few of these end up being discussed on this blog. I think we'd all like to see more unity in Christ's body. We've all got a long way to go to see improvement in this area.

As I think upon unity in the church, it's clear that at least one area exists where we should be united: world missions. This ought not be difficult. All in the body of Christ believe that the gospel is the only message of salvation. Every person in the world is either lost or saved. The lost are in desperate need of hearing the good news. We the church have the privilege of carrying this good news to all those who haven't heard. Even in this age of modern travel and technology there are still thousands of whole people groups who have never heard the gospel.

I can think of numerous issues within the church in which it might be difficult to find unity. Missions is not one of them. Since we agree on the gospel, it seems like it would be relatively easy to agree on most aspects of missions. I see much of this happening in the global body of Christ, but it could be happening much more.

Over my next few blog posts I'll be discussing the interplay between church unity and world missions. Despite our differences, we the church can be fairly easily united in spreading the gospel to all peoples. We need to take Nike's advice and just do it.


Alan Knox said...


I'm looking forward to this series very much. Have you read Your Church is too Small by Armstrong? He discusses unity in mission also.


Eric said...


Thanks. I have read Armstrong's book and like it a lot.

Arthur Sido said...

you are absolutely right that we should be unfied on this question but really it seems that in this area we are nearly as disunified as we are on Sunday morning.

Eric said...


I hope we can move toward more unity!