Monday, February 18, 2013

No Fair. I Don't Fit Any of These.

This graphic has been making the rounds lately (for example). Since I have a beard, I thought I'd share it - the graphic, not the beard.

Normally I like Anabaptists, but not in this case. Maybe I'll aspire to the Spurgeon (Although I'm not a pastor, I do pastor). Which do you fit, or are you beardless? Ladies, no need to reply to that one.

I've got quite a ways to go before I reach Spurgeon.


Steve Scott said...

I grew what you have now back in '94, then trimmed it down to a goatee in '95. It's still there.

Eric said...


So you sort of have the guru thing going on. How pastoral of you.

Steve Scott said...

Eric, I just took one of those online spiritual assessment surveys and my #1 spiritual gift was determined to be teacher. Pastor was in the middle of the pack. So, yeah, guru is fine for me.

Alice C. said...

You'd be at the Spurgeon by now if you didn't keep trimming it. But thank you for trimming! And remember: no soul patch, and no stand-alone mustache. Ever.

Eric said...


I don't know. Some folks would like it if I had only a mustache.

Alice C. said...

Who are they? Weirdos, I bet. I need a Grumpy Cat meme about you having only a mustache.