Friday, February 15, 2013

Angry About Sola Scriptura?

My most-read blog post over the past week is one entitled Angry About Sola Scriptura that I wrote back in 2010. It was the most-read even before the Pope's resignation. Usually the posts that receive the largest readership are ones that I've written during the past few weeks. It's relatively rare for an obscure piece from a few years ago to rise to the top. Do you have any ideas why this post is number one?


Steve Scott said...

Eric, this happens to me from time to time, not knowing why a post gets lots of hits. Do some research. Where are the hits coming from? Are they from links? Google? etc.

Many of my big hit posts come from Google finding the post but nobody ever linking through it. Are you using key words that match current events this week?

Eric said...


I'm stumped. However, in light of the lack of comments other than yours, I'm guessing that the post wasn't truly what people were looking for. No big deal. Thanks for the suggestions.