Thursday, August 4, 2011

"God's Gospel of Grace"

While on vacation, I've also been able to finish off God's Gospel of Grace, a compilation of Puritan writings from the Free Grace Broadcaster. I'll be honest. I struggle to read many of the Puritans. Their books intimidate me. I'd like to think it is simply the linguistic differences, but it also probably has to do with the depth of their writings.

The great thing about the above text is that each writing is only 5-10 pages long. That I can handle.

God's Gospel of Grace is broken down into five subsections: the gospel, substitution, justification, imputed righteousness, and repentance. Authors include (in no particular order) Spurgeon, Edwards, Bonar, Ryle, Pink, Owen, Hodge, Calvin, and Gill. You can read what you like and skip the rest; I did.

I've tried to find this text online but have failed in my efforts. However, I know that it comes from the Chapel Library. If you were to request a subscription - which is free if you reside in North America - of the Free Grace Broadcaster, you could probably also ask for a free copy of this book.

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