Sunday, August 21, 2011

Did You Know?

I'm not sure how long video has been around, but it is nonetheless a good reminder of the need of the gospel by so many people in so many places.


The Debunkist said...

This raises a poignant question: According to Christian Theology would these people go to Hell for never being introduced to the Christian Doctrine? If yes, then we can hardly consider the Christian God to be just, when he sentences those to eternal damnation for no fault of their own. If no, and they can go to Heaven without knowledge of Jesus or Christian doctrine, then what is the purpose of proselytizing at all?

Eric said...


Thanks for commenting. Romans chapters 1-2 make it clear that God has shown all people enough through his creation to know that he exists. All people in their flesh reject him. It is only through Jesus Christ that anyone can be saved. Therefore we must tell all people of Christ's mission of redemption.

James said...


If you are so concerned with this dilemma, what have you done to remedy it?

Aussie John said...


Debunkist makes the same mistake all of his ilk make.

Contrary to his claim "If yes, then we can hardly consider the Christian God to be just", God IS just "when he sentences those to eternal damnation..".

In fact, He would be just to send ALL mankind to eternal damnation, because of what you reveal in your reply.

It is because He IS just that He became the man Jesus Christ to pay the price to satisfy His justice, for everyone who would receive Him. .

Eric said...


Debunkist's argument seems to me to be the end result of faulty human reasoning. It is the typical response of those who would reject biblical authority for their own brain power.