Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Lord's Supper Meal - A Great Unifier

Today we gathered with friends in a home to encourage one another in Christ. We read the bible, prayed, talked about how our weeks had gone, discussed opportunities the Lord had given to us, and sought the Lord's direction in what to do about how large we are getting (we now have close to forty people when everyone is present).

The goal in all this was to edify one another in Jesus Christ. I hope we are all now a little more like Him and closer to Him.

Oh yes. We also ate. If it was a good enough reason for the early church to gather, it's good enough for us, too. As we do each week, we celebrated the Lord's Supper as a full meal. Today we had burgers, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and baked beans. As we ate, we tended to talk in smaller groups of three to five. We dads discussed holiness of life and unity within the church.

We all ate the same food and drank the same liquids. We sat in the same room, used the same kinds of plates and cups, and wiped up the kids' messes with the same napkins.  As we did this, I saw very clearly that the Lord's Supper is a great unifier.  No matter our backgrounds, our jobs, our financial situations, or even our own favorite doctrines, we were all united in Christ by feeding on His meal together.

No one ate steak while others ate rice.  No one ate off gold plates while others used paper. No one drank the finest wine while other sipped water. Instead, we were all the same. We were one in the Lord by eating and drinking the same things together.

It would have been a radical idea in Jesus' time for all people, regardless of social status, to eat together. Even in our culture today there are some folks who would rather not eat with others. Jesus calls us all away from this.  There is no status within the church.  In fact, if we want to be great, we are supposed to be servants.  We must all be willing to share life with all other Christians.

There is no better way to share life than by eating together. When we all bring food that we all share in eating, it causes us to come together. When we sit around in an informal atmosphere and discuss real life issues over a plate of whatever, it forces us to relax, be ourselves, and simply share life as equals in Christ.

Am I always thrilled with the food?  No.  Although usually I am.

Is it always comfortable?  No.  I often end up standing against a wall or sitting on the floor.

Is the meal always wonderful?  Yes.  Yes.  And yes.  The reason is that Christ is present with us, guiding our discussions, and causing us to edify one another in this informal setting.  I thank the Lord for this real spiritual meal that has everlasting significance.


Aussie John said...


Great stuff. Wish I had been there.

Still reading but difficulty commenting with 'puter down.

Eric said...


I wish you could be here too. That would be wonderful. As for your computer, I hope you get up and running soon. I love computers...until they don't work.

Jack Wellman said...

Our church had a similar experience last Thursday and we even did the footwashing (not of obligation or ritual but to learn servitude). Awesome work.

Eric said...


Thanks for the comment. I'm always glad to hear of other Christians living out body life as we see it in scripture. And foot washing, too. Excellent.

Jack Wellman said...

Thanks Eric. I certainly love your site my friend and this article was so uplifting and edifying. Thank YOU brother and I thank God FOR you, a godly man of faith that is a servant of our Lord and Master.