Sunday, April 3, 2011

Historic Savannah Photos

Yesterday my daughter Mary and I walked through Savannah's historic district. Specifically, we made our way through all the squares. Along the way we took numerous photos of Live Oaks, Azaleas, historic homes, church buildings, other architecture, fountains, and lots of people. Below are some of the best (the exception being the one of the balding guy).


Arthur Sido said...

Looks like a beautiful town, I guess we were right to let the South come back into the Union. Plus it looks nice and warm there.

It might snow here today...stupid global warming.

Eric said...


Like anywhere else, the South does have its benefits: warm weather, sweet tea, nice people, and SEC football.

Of course, it also has its negatives: hot and humid summers, SEC corruption, and the bible belt.

Anonymous said...


Eric said...


Sorry brother. I wish you could be here with us. I know you are where the Lord desires that you be. Come visit when school and work allow.