Monday, August 2, 2010

William Wilberforce

If you would like a quick (80 pages) and enjoyable book about a remarkable individual, then get a copy of Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce. In this book, author John Piper looks at the life of a man who truly lived out what he believed. Wilberforce is best known for his tireless perseverance in the fight against the African slave trade in the British Empire. I'm struck by Wilberforce's fortitude during the twenty years of struggle in his crusade against slavery. After the slave trade was abolished, Wilberforce went on to push for abolition of slavery altogether in the British Empire. In 1833, three days before he died, slavery was finally abolished.

What I learned from this book was how many other projects Wilberforce was involved in. A common theme of Wilberforce's work was his trying to reduce suffering among the needy of society. He was even involved in overseas missions; he led the fight to allow for open evangelism in Britain's overseas colonies. Because of what Wilberforce did, William Carey was allowed to share the gospel in British held areas of India. Prior to Wilberforce's work, Carey was relegated to a Dutch section of India.

Because Wilberforce really lived his love for Christ, I find him someone worth listening to. In Piper's book, Piper frequently mentions a book written by Wilberforce entitled A Practical View of Christianity. I ordered it yesterday.

Let's all live like Wilberforce. He acted on what he believed.

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