Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Kids' Bedrooms Disprove Evolution

During the normal course of our homeschooling lives, our kids' bedrooms gradually move from neat to messy during the week. Sometimes this transformation is sudden (such as when a friend comes over to play), but most of the time it is gradual. By Saturday, their rooms have often descended into "dump status." At that point, either my wife says, "Children, you need to clean up your rooms," or I say, "Kids, pick up your dumps." Alice is a bit more eloquent than I am.

What we see during the week in the bedrooms is movement from order to disorder. As the business of the week moves along, the rooms transform from organized places to disorganized messes. When no effort or intelligence is placed into keeping things ordered, disorder reigns supreme.

There have been a few occasions where, for whatever reason, we have not asked our kids to keep their rooms clean for a longer period of time. The result is predictable (and typical and frightening). Their rooms, if they place no effort in cleaning them, turn into a completely wretched combination of clothing, wrappers, toys, shoes, stuffed animals, cups, etc. At times we joke that roaches would not want to live in their rooms.

The point to all this is that over time, order naturally descends into disorder. When no effort is placed into keeping things orderly, gradually increasing disorder is the order of the day. For order to be restored, someone with intelligence has to step in and re-order things. My kids rooms have NEVER become more orderly on their own. Oh how I wish they would!

One of the basic assumptions behind evolutionary theory is that, given enough time, disorder will (through mutation, natural selection, etc.) lead to order. This is how one-celled organisms can, according to evolutionists, transform over millions of years into human beings. Increased order is demanded, but it must come about through random chance, with no intelligence allowed to be a part of it.

It fascinates me that evolutionary theory rests on an idea (order coming from disorder apart from intelligence) that we never see in life. I can look at my kids' bedrooms. I can look at traffic. I can look at garbage pick-up. I can look at Wal*Mart.

In life, we never see order just happen randomly. Life as we know it rapidly descends into disorder when intelligence is removed. Just watch what happens at an intersection when the traffic light goes out. Semi-chaos erupts.

What we see in taking a casual glance at life is that order never comes naturally from disorder. Instead, disorder comes from order. What restores or brings about order? Someone from the outside with intelligence restores order. In the case of the traffic light, when a police officer arrives and directs traffic, order returns to the intersection.

Evolution depends directly on an idea that does not exist in life. For order to exist, an intelligent being is required. In order for life on earth to exist, an extremely intelligent being must exist - God.

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