Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fun at the Beach

Having grown up about 8 hours from the nearest ocean, I am thrilled to now live less than an hour from the beach. It's also a blessing to live where it is at least warm for most of the year.

Last Saturday I took two of my kids (Mary and Bobby) to the beach to play for a few hours. It was a blast. We played on the beach, and then in the water, and then on the beach some more, and then in the water some more, and then...etc.

Above is the sand castle that Bobby and I (mostly Bobby) constructed. Bob's eyes are shut in the photo due to the sun. The photo is looking back at the sand dunes, with a little canal of water immediately behind the castle; it made for a great moat.

Note to self: it was a very good idea to take a regular-sized shovel to the beach instead of trying to use one of those small, plastic kiddie shovels that always brakes in your hands.

Anyway, it was a nice gift from God to just be able to spend some fun time together in the sand and sun.

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