Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Twitter Church?

Yesterday I wrote a silly post over at TBNN entitled, "Twitter Church." The idea behind the post was that a man in California had planted a church that only met on Twitter. They never actually saw each other, but constantly updated each other on Twitter.

That post got me wondering about much that happens in our churches today. When we gather, how much time are we able to actually spend together, getting to really know one another? Are we able to get into meaningful, in-depth conversations with our church family? Do we know the problems, difficulties, and struggles our brothers and sisters in Christ are facing?

As most churches gather, the majority of the time is spent listening to someone preach or teach, singing songs, discussing bible passages, praying, and reading scripture. These are all good things.

However, if this is all we do, then we are not really sharing lives with one another. When we gather, if our conversations are just short, fractured statements about how our week was, then we are not getting to know each other at any kind of deep level. In fact, if this is the case, then we aren't really that different from Twitter.

My hope is that as we gather as local bodies we will actually spend time together. This can certainly happen on Sunday, but it can also happen on any other day of the week. When we sit down for coffee at a shop somewhere, we will probably have a longer, more meaningful conversation than we can possibly have on Sunday.

As Christians we need a balance. We need to spend time in preaching, reading scripture, singing psalms, and praying. We also need to build each other up through real conversation.

Let's not be Twitter churches. Let's do far more than give quick updates of our current status.

(And no Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, or Wordpress churches either.)

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