Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thank You, Jesus, for Washing My Feet

John 13:1-17 is the very familiar passage where Jesus washes the disciples' feet. I continue to be amazed that Jesus did this. After all, He is God. He certainly had no duty to do it. By all rights, the disciples should have been washing His feet.

Although I obviously was not at the last supper, I can't help but think that Jesus washed my feet, too. He did it by dying on the cross for me. He also did it by leaving me an example.

His example reminds us that the Christian life is much more than believing the correct facts in our heads. Living for Christ is living like Christ. If He got his hands dirty, then we should do the same. If He served others who were worth far less than He, why shouldn't we serve others (who all have the same value as we do)?

I wonder if I get dirty enough for Christ? No, I don't.

Thank you, Jesus, for washing my feet.

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