Monday, March 16, 2009

Who's on the Other Side of that Door?

This past Saturday, several members of our church family went out into our church neighborhood with the goal of talking to people and giving out bibles.  We have a goal as a church to offer a bible to someone at every residence in our community sometime in 2009.

I had the privilege of being in a group with one other man, and with my son, Bobby.  We had a great time together, walking from house to house and knocking on many doors.  It was interesting to say the least.

Every time we would approach a door, we would feel a little nervous.  However, we found that once we introduced ourselves and said that we were handing out free bibles (and not selling anything), most people were willing to talk with us.  Our ultimate goal was to begin a relationship and share the gospel of Christ.  We were able to do this a few times.

The reactions we received ran the spectrum of possibilities.  On the positive side of things, one lady opened her door and said, "Lately I have been thinking about coming to church."  We had a wonderful visit, and she did, in fact, visit with our church family on Sunday.

On the other hand, a different woman only gave us the chance to get a few words out before she exclaimed, "No!  No!  No!" and shut her door forcefully (almost a slam but not quite).  We shrugged and went to the next door.

Most folks were willing to talk to us in a cordial manner.  I suppose what saddens me the most is the number of people who believe in some sort of god and also believe they are "O.K." with their god.  This is based on nothing historical or factual.  Rather, it is just what they have created in their minds.  This is sad because these folks do not know the Lord, but feel comfortable with their lives.

In the end, the few hours spent outside with friends and meeting new ones was a great blessing to me.  I look forward to doing this again next month.  Is is always (that is not an overstatement) interesting to find out who is on the other side of that door.

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Zebedee said...

Thanks for this inspiring story. There was a time that I used to look forward to occasions such as this, but at some point, I became complacent.

Such a simple opportunity to witness, invite, share, and love, is before us all...if only we'd look.