Saturday, April 1, 2017

Priesthood of All Believers?

This meme/comic has been around for a while. I believe I've even posted it here in the past. However, it's so on point that I'm putting it up here again. The simple fact is that one person giving a lecture to a silent audience week after week is the complete opposite of the priesthood of all believers. How sad it is that within Protestantism the sermon has essentially become a sacrament. Most people tolerate it because they think they have to. How much better it is when the entire body actively functions during the gathering to build itself up in Christ!


Tim said...

It seems to me there is only one person who could pull off deceiving the most highly trained and highly paid Bible experts the world has ever known to lead the most highly lectured (called teaching) believers in the world at such a massive yearly cost with such anti-godly results. And they are all blind to the obvious corruption. The preachers blame the carnal layfolk as only wanting their ears tickled, and the layfolk blame the preachers for being authoritarian looking for a bigger pay check. How is it that so few of us have it figured out?

manthano said...


Unknown said...

Hey Eric,

Isn't it interesting, from my background as a teacher, the lecture is the least most effective way of learning. Too bad that many individuals in the ic don't even really go to the trouble of researching the truth. They are like lemmings following each other over the cliff.

God's Love

Eric said...


The lecture has to be spiritualized in some way to get people to think they have to sit through one each week. Therefore it's given a special name: the sermon. How sad it is!