Monday, March 20, 2017


If I was only allowed to recommend one site to you about church practice it would be New Testament Reformation Fellowship (NTRF).

According to the NTRF website, "The New Testament Reformation Fellowship is simply a fellowship of brothers who desire to continue the reformation of today’s church by the adoption of New Testament church practice." It goes on to say, "We advocate orthodox Evangelical Christian theology poured into the wineskin of New Testament church practice as established by the apostles."

Click on the link and enjoy the massive amount of helpful information you will find!


Arthur Sido said...

I love NTRF, not least because unlike a lot of "house church" groups they have a comprehensive Biblical orthodoxy.

Eric said...


Agreed. For some reason it seems that a good number of simple church folks have squishy theology at best.

Aussie John said...

Eric, Arthur,

Terminology is so delightful:"comprehensive Biblical orthodoxy"; "squishy theology":)

I love it!

Eric said...


Words are indeed wonderful things. And they have real meaning (which drives the liberals crazy!)