Friday, December 30, 2016

A Short, Helpful Video on the Political Situation in Modern Israel

Regardless of what you think about the modern state of Israel from a religious perspective, you will benefit from this excellent video's explanation of the political turmoil between Israel and its neighbors. While the video's name is over the top, the actual content is solid.


Arthur Sido said...

My wife and I watched this yesterday and while it is a decent overview it needs to be said that a) Prager is a Jew and is not exactly an unbiased observer here, just as a similar overview from a Palestinian wouldn't be unbiased and b) this issue is way too complicated to even begin to understand from a brief, oversimplified video.

Eric said...


I agree that the issue is more complex than fully presented here. However, I appreciate that this video points out the facts of Islamic terrorism and aggression ever since 1948. I tire of the liberal narrative of the poor, sad, oppressed Palestinians who just want peace. That's poppycock.