Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We Survived Hurricane Matthew

The photos I'm posting tell you all you need to know about the situation in Savannah right now. The picture above is terribly ironic; that should be dry ground under the sign. Savannah is currently littered with large, fallen trees. One of our fair city's nicknames is "The Forest City." When a hurricane strikes, some of that forest comes down. The trees are actually a much bigger problem than the flooding, which has been limited. I thank the Lord for keeping anything bad from happening to my family and my home. We are all safe, and we now have power (the electricity was out for about 65 hours). For a litte while early Saturday morning it looked like the large pond behind our house (pictured below) might flood. After much prayer and frequent forays by me into the wind and rain to check, the pond receded. Thank you so much for praying for us. I'm glad that Savannah rarely gets hit with storms like this. I'll be happy to never see another.


Paul G said...

Wow that looks bad, but I'm glad that you and your family as save and hopefully your neighbors.

Eric said...


Thank you. We and our neighbors are all O.K. Some of the houses on our street have tree damage, but for the most part it's minimal. I'm glad we do not have nearly the flooding that North Carolina is dealing with.