Saturday, August 20, 2016

Blogging Block

As is obvious I haven't been blogging much lately at all. This isn't because I dislike blogging; I don't have any intention of quitting any time soon. The reason the posts have been so infrequent is that I have a raging case of blogging block. For whatever reason, I just don't have many new ideas worth sharing. I could, of course, throw some blather together just to get attention. However, that's a waste of everyone's time. I'd rather go a while between posts, and then actually put something of substance together. Just please keep checking back now and then. More posts will eventually appear.

As for my life, things are going well. Grandparenthood is awesome. What a blessing from the Lord it is to see and cherish the next generation. I'm still running quite a bit. My next big goal is tackling the full 26.2 miles at the Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon in November. Regarding church issues, we still gather simply with a small group of other believers. It is a sweet time of fellowship.


manthano said...

Makes good sense to me.
Much better than to be blogging with nothing to say.
Great lesson for all of us.

Eric said...


Thank you.

Paul G said...

Hi Eric, I share your joy with your grandchildren, I have two grandsons myself and I agree, it's awesome :-)
About the blogging side, perhaps try a few controversial subjects like the trinity or salvation, tongues, healing, miracles, or even the fall of man as in Genesis.
There are lots of subjects from the Scriptures we don't like to be confronted with, but I think that they are necessary to expand the borders of our understanding and to shake the foundation of our comfortable doctrines a little bit :-)

Many church doctrines are accepted as Apostles doctrines and later, by careful study of the Scriptures found that they were not true and the Apostles did not teach them.
For that reason it is important to hear opposing arguments to compare and test them against our own, so that we might expand or repent of any false teaching we have accepted.

I think that everyone stands before the Lord Jesus by themselves and are judged by Him, and of course also by us.
Ups! "judged by us" :-) ???
That would make another good topic to debate.

Eric said...


Thank you for your suggestions. I'm going to have to think on that.