Wednesday, February 24, 2016

15 for 45

To celebrate the fact that I am 45 years old I've decided to run in 15 races this year (one race for every three years of life).

Racing can be addictive. The danger comes when racing is an end in itself. I hope to avoid this at all costs. My purpose in racing is that it motivates me to run, which in turn keeps me healthy. It's physical health that is the end in all this.

Most of the races I've selected for 2016 take place in the greater Savannah area. They range from 5Ks to one marathon. The most interesting is probably going to be the Palmetto 200, a JCB team relay from Columbia to Charleston, South Carolina where I will run three different legs totaling 20 miles.

Here are the races (four of which I have already completed):

Critz Tybee 5K
Critz Tybee 10K
Critz Tybee Half-marathon
ESPN Diabetes 5K
Shamrock Run
Palmetto 200
Skidaway Island Half-marathon
Nine Line Run for the Wounded
JCB Mudrun
Firecracker 5000
Run for the River 5K/10K
Summer's End Trail Run
Pacing for Polio 5K
Rock 'n' Roll Savannah Marathon
Savannah Bridge Run

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