Friday, January 23, 2015

Time for a Dose of Absolute Nonsense

Thom Rainer occasionally has some decent things to say. His latest blog post (Six Observations About Speaking to Pastors Right Before They Preach) is not one of them. As with so many inside the comfy confines of the institution, Rainer believes that pastors have some sort of exclusive communication connection with God. In particular, he acts as if what a pastor happens to say from a pulpit is a literal special message from God. This is nothing more than mystical mumbo-jumbo and complete nonsense.

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Tim A said...

This is an amazing example of men whose hearts are deeply attached to serving God yet have placed themselves in such a deep blinding fog that encloses them in a very corrupt form that almost completely nullifies what God has designed for his people. It seems like all this poppy cock on not disturbing the pre-sermon aura of the man with the higher calling does not phase them in their fog. Just imagine Jesus rebuking his disciples for asking questions just before he is about to teach the people.